British couple immerse in Navratri rituals in Kalimath

Monday, 15 APRIL 2024 | Vinod Chamoli | RUDRAPRAYAG

Even as people across the nation, especially Hindus, observe fast and special worship to please the goddess during the ongoing Navratri, people from foreign nations are also undertaking special prayers and rituals to propitiate the goddess. Among such devotees of the goddess from abroad, a husband and wife couple from England are engrossed in Navratri meditation to worship the goddess in the Kalimath temple in Rudraprayag district. Both the British devotees are meditating and worshipping the Goddess Durga daily here.

Devotees from various countries have for long been visiting Uttarakhand in search of spiritual wisdom, knowledge and peace in this Himalayan region. With the start of the Chaitra Navratri on April 9, two seekers from England started performing nine-day rituals at the Kalimath temple. They have been performing hawan, worship and meditation from 4 AM every day since the start of Navratri while also observing a fast.

Paul and his wife Diana from England say that they found out about Kalimath through a friend who has visited this temple a number of times. Diana said, “It is our first time coming here and we have been very fortunate to be able to be here during Navratri. There is a strong and calming energy around the place and during the festival the energy is felt very strongly. We were welcomed very warmly by the local priest who performed various Pujas for us during our stay and guided us to the surrounding area as well.” About their activities in Kalimath she said, “Our daily routine consists of morning asana, pranayama and meditation practice. We also meditate twice a day in the temple every day.  Apart from the rituals, we have also enjoyed numerous cups of chai and in the evening time we eat very good food from the local kitchen,” she added.

The couple further said that along with the worship of the goddess, they also got an opportunity to know about the culture and religious events here and participate in them. This gave them a completely different kind of peace.

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