Boy kills girl, reaches court to surrender

Thursday, 28 October 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

A 15 years old girl was found murdered in the Premnagar area of Dehradun with her throat slit on Wednesday. The accused is also a minor and was well acquainted with the victim as per the police. 

The superintendent of police (Rural) Swatantra Kumar Singh informed that the accused is a minor and appeared outside the court with blood stains all over the clothes on Wednesday and the police took him in custody.

He told the police about the murder and took them to the location of the murder where they found the dead body, said Singh. He said that the accused has also handed over the weapon used for the murder to the police. He said that the accused is in the custody of the police and the matter is under investigation.

According to sources, the victim was a class XI student while the accused is a class XII student. Further details of the case will be known as the investigation progresses.

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