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To mark the 145th birth anniversary of noted conservationist Jim Corbett, popular author Ruskin Bond released a new book “Burning Bright” by Harnihal Singh Sidhu and published by Natraj Publishers on the weekend. The book is a novel based on the adventures of Jim Corbett that closely follows his career, not only in the jungle but also his years working with the Indian Railways, as well as his experiences in Europe during  World War I. 

While interacting with Sidhu in his cottage in Mussoorie, after the release, Bond said that he had dipped into the book and learnt so much about good old Jim, which he did not know earlier. He complemented the author on his painstaking research and expressed the hope that fans and admirers of Corbett across the globe will enjoy the book.  Corbett, better known as Carpet Sahib, amongst the simple hill folks of Kumaon and Garhwal, was not only a saviour, killing man-eating tigers and leopards, but also an icon who helped them during famines and epidemics. Later in life, he is credited for being one of the first to promote conservation of wildlife in India by lecturing and writing about his experiences. 

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