Thursday, 01 March 2018 | PNS | Dehradun- The State spokesman of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Munna Singh Chauhan has invited former Chief Minister Harish Rawat to check all details related to the donations people made in the official fund raising drive of BJP the ‘Aajivan Sahyog Nidhi. He, however, challenged the former CM to reciprocate by informing about the details of deposit of Rs5.54 Crore made into a bank account of Congress party during his tenure. He said that the Congress party and its leaders are unnecessary dragging donations made under the Aajivan Sahyog Nidhi (ASN) after Special Investigation Team (SIT) questioned about deposits in the Congress account while investigating NH- 74 scam. Chauhan said that every detail of the donations made in the ASN has been maintained, everything was taken by cheques, donors submitted their PAN number and the party will file return to the income tax department. He wondered why the Congress leaders are making hue and cry when the BJP has not made any charge or allegation on it. The senior BJP leader,however, added that the money trail of the NH 74 scam led the SIT to the account of the Congress which has caused problem to the party leaders. He clarified that the BJP has nothing to do in the SIT probe which is working appreciably. On demand of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) demand on the NH 74 scam, the BJP spokesperson said that the case is being investigated properly by the SIT. Coming down heavily on the state Congress chief for his comment that the Government officers were used to put pressure on people for donation in the ASN, Chauhan challenged the congress to name a single officer or instance where this has occurred. He said that the Trivendra Singh Rawat Government is working on the Principle of zero tolerance on corruption and for the first time in the history of the state, 18 arrests on corruption cases have been made. On electoral reforms Chauhan said that the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitely has said that special bonds would be released for funding of political parties, which is a major achievement.

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