BJP failed miserably on jobs promise- Congress

PCC president wants the government to come out with a solid policy for employment generation

Criticizing the BJP ruled governments at center and the state for rampant unemployment, the Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) president Pritam Singh has said that Uttarakhand is among the states with highest rate of unemployment in the country. He said that the BJP promised to give two Crore jobs for the unemployed in the country and in the run up for the assembly election of 2017 in Uttarakhand, the party had promised that if voted to power in the state then the government of double engine would provide employment on a very large scale.

Singh said that the situation now is that those who were employed earlier have now lost it as instead of providing this government has snatched the employment. “The youth in Uttarakhand are angry on the manner in which this government of overwhelming majority has treated the UPNL, NHM, 108 ambulance service and Panchayati Raj employees. They are waiting for right time to strike back,’’ he said.

The PCC president said that the manner in which the unemployment is increasing presents a very sad and bad picture of the state. He said that even one leaves the high unemployment rate during the pandemic time, the Uttarakhand government performed dismally in providing employment in the years 2017, 2018 and 2019. Singh claimed that when the Congress handed over power to BJP in Uttarakhand the unemployment rate was 1.5 percent which became double during the BJP regime. He warned that the unemployed would become depressed and directionless if not provided employment at the earliest. The PCC president expressed surprise on the state government failing to start recruitment process to fill large number of vacancies in government. He demanded that the government should come out with some solid policy for employment generation.

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