Bhairav’s shrine closed ahead of Kedarnath closure for winter

Sunday, 23 October | PNS | NEW TEHRI

The shrine of lord Bhairav, the Kshetrapal (guardian) of the Kedarnath shrine was closed to the public on Saturday. The portals of Kedarnath temple will be closed to the public for the winters on October 27. Every year, before the closure of the Kedarnath shrine to the public, the shrine to Bhairav is closed. Lord Bhairav’s shrine is closed either on Tuesday or Saturday.

Earlier in the afternoon, the Kedarnath priest Gangadhar Ling conducted a worship of lord Bhairav. An Arti was conducted and a special invocation was made along with various other traditional rituals in the worship of lord Bhairav. According to religious belief, Bhairav is the Kshetrapal of lord Shiva. Considering this, those who pay their obeisance at the Kedarnath temple are also expected to visit the Bhairav temple in order to get their wishes fulfilled. It is said that a devotee going to Kedarnath must have darshan of Lord Bhairavnath.

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