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Saturday, 15 May 2021 | Team Viva

Singer Sunidhi Chauhan, who recently released her latest single Ye Ranjishein after almost two decades, shares some unknown trivia about five of her favourite tracks. By Team Viva

There is always an untold story behind every song. While some of those stories do come to fore in some way or the other, most of them remain a secret behind the scenes, well away from the spotlight. Singer Sunidhi Chauhan, who recently released her latest single Ye Ranjishein after almost two decades, shares some unknown trivia about five of her favourite songs.

Hui Hui Main Mast from Mast (1999)

Not many people know this but I had no voice to sing this song in the studio on the day of the recording. Just three days before the scheduled recording, I had lost my voice and my doctor told me if I really wanted to make use of this opportunity, I would have to keep my mouth shut right up to the moment when I have the microphone in front of me at the studio. “If you speak at all during the next three days, you will lose your voice. If you really want it that bad, you better keep mum. Sing straight on the mic, on the day of the recording,” he said. I was crushed to hear that, especially since I am someone who believes in practising and rehearsing almost to the point of exhaustion. However, for a change, I followed my doctor’s instructions and went with his gut feeling. I was really scared, couldn’t imagine what I would sound like with a bad throat. Eventually it all turned out for the best. My doctor’s instincts were spot on and my voice was back to its usual element and we successfully recorded the song.

Aaj Socha To Aansoo Bhar Aaye from Hanste Zakhm (1973)

My second all-time favourite song is Aaj Socha To Aansoo Bhar Aaye by Lata Mangeshkar, and composed by Madan Mohan ji. Each time I hear that song, I get transported to another place. I can’t help but get lost in Lata ji’s voice and the emotions she brought to life in that song. While I am not a sad person, I haven’t had anything to be sad about in a long while, I cannot help but relate to this song so much. My eyes start welling up as soon as I hear Lata ji’s voice in this song.

Dil Mein Jaagi Dhadkan Aise from Sur (2002)

There is no way I could ever forget this song; obviously because of its composition. Much gratitude to MM Keeravani sir who gave me this beautiful song. A little story behind this song is that the mukhda was to be sung in one breath and I couldn’t help but wonder whether it would be physically possible for me to do so because it had too many lines. But Keeravani sir wanted it to be in one breath and he said that he knew I could do this. He told me that he believed in me and I should just take my time to practise as much as I need. I took about 45 minutes to an hour, maybe more. I lost track of time but when I got on the mic, somehow nailed it. I couldn’t believe I had managed to sing that mukhda in one breath. It is one memory which stands out, it really was a crazy time.

Rehna Tu from Delhi-6 (2009)

Rehna Tu is my all time favourite by AR Rahman sir and Prasoon Joshi. They have created a masterpiece. The melody and the lyrics, it just takes me to a place where I don’t want to come back from. And I must have heard it a zillion times already but that feeling never wanes…

Le Chale from My Brother Nikhil (2005)

I have to mention Le Chale here. When Viveck Philip, who composed this song, and (Onir) Anirban, who is the director of the film, approached me to sing this song, right off the bat I was in love with it. I was head over heels for the melody. Let me share a story behind this song, which not many, in fact, nobody knows. I was kind of choking while singing this track in the studio. I tried to not make it too obvious because I knew that if I stopped singing I would start crying. It was really tough keeping my emotions in check while singing this one. And mind you, this was before I got know about the context of this song in the film. It was purely magical, what that melody was doing to me. Those notes were driving me crazy and I could feel myself choking again and again. Nobody knows this, not even Anirban or Viveck… Well I think they will get to know this now.

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