Awareness on breast & cervical cancer vital: Expert

A day long awareness programme on breast and cervical cancer was held for students at Government Girls Inter College, Rajpur Road on Friday. Expressing the need for general awareness on both the diseases, expert and social worker Seema Kundaliya stated that women living in both urban and rural areas have little knowledge about these conditions.

Kundaliya said, “Breast and cervical cancer awareness among girls and women is very important. It is very sad to know that women living in the village or a city have an equal lack of awareness on the topic. In our country, a considerable percentage of women deal with these diseases and it is important to have basic knowledge of these diseases so that they can be cured at the right time. People still have the mentality that it cannot be treated and have a bad image about cancer. However it can be treated and if in any case the breast has to be removed one can always get the tissue again.”

She further said,“It is very important to take care of ourselves. The basics like the symptoms and precautions must be taken at individual level. I have come around cases where the women get to know that they have these diseases when they are at an advanced stage when it is harder to cure these properly.”

About 300 girl students from classes VIII and XII attended the workshop along with the school staff.

Saturday, 06 April 2019 | PNS | Dehradun

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