Avoid temptation for easy money to prevent cyber fraud

Sunday, 19 September 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

Since the lure of easy money is one of the major reasons due to which people fall prey to cyber crimes like money fraud, the public needs to be cautious and avoid the temptation to gain quick profits. The cyber police station in-charge in Dehradun, Pankaj Pokhriyal said this to The Pioneer while talking about the increasing attempts of cyber frauds and victims who fall prey to such attempts.

Since the past few days, many people have been receiving audio messages and WhatsApp calls in which a man is claiming that the message receiver has won Rs 25 lakh in a lottery. The man is asking the receiver to call a given number through WhatsApp rather than making a direct call from the phone to know more about the process of retrieving the money.

Pokhriyal said that he has heard about this message and the police have received such complaints in the past too. He said that despite the constant efforts of authorities to raise awareness among people about such scams, many still take such messages seriously. These are just criminal attempts targeted at luring those who are tempted to make quick money. “We encourage people to immediately contact us if they have been a victim of any cybercrime but many such cases can be prevented easily if people stay aware and cautious,” stated Pokhriyal. He also disclosed that if anyone falls prey to cyber crime, they can call at the toll-free number 155260.

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