Authorities to act against overspeeding trucks at night 

Monday, 20 MAY 2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The Transport department has ordered the enforcement teams to conduct a campaign in association with the police against overspeeding trucks at night.  This decision was taken by the regional transport officer (Enforcement) of Dehradun division, Shailesh Tiwari after a two-wheeler collided with a truck at 2:30 AM on May 16 near Dat Kali Temple at Dhulkot in Vikasnagar in which two persons died and one sustained injury. He said that he conducted an inspection of the site with officials concerned on Saturday and found out that the truck was coming from Selaqui and the motorcycle was going towards Selaqui on the left side of the road ahead of Datkali temple when it collided with the truck. Tiwari said that after the inspection, the department made various suggestions to the Road Safety Committee to prevent accidents in the said area in future. The suggestions include making a rumble strip on the road, installing a cat’s eye, a speed limit board, warning of accident prone areas and cluster light at the turn before the main road. The RTO said that on the same day of May 16, an accident also occurred near Balliwala flyover around 10:30 PM. The department has also given suggestions like marking the rumble strip at the said spot besides installing reflectors, road signs and closing cuts on both sides, among others. Tiwari said that people often drive rashly at night assuming roads are empty but they fail to slow down at turns or overspeed on roads causing fatal accidents. Considering this, the enforcement officers have been directed to conduct joint checking operations with the police at night. The team will take action against offenders, especially against overspeeding trucks at night, he added.

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