Astrology helps people find the right direction: Saanvi Gupta

Young astrologer Saanvi Gupta who was recently felicitated by chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat says that astrology is not just a random subject but it is proper science based on facts and logic.

Talking about her beginnings in astrology she said, “I did my graduation in economics from the University of Delhi. I also opted for actuarial science and cleared nine exams under it which is very difficult however I was not able to peruse my career in this field. I always had a curiosity regarding astrology and as I couldn’t pursue a career in the fields I studied, I decided to know what the reason was for my being unable to do so. When I finally read astrology I was able to figure out the combination of stars and why I ended up not doing it. It has been four years since I am in this profession.”

About the importance of astrology and how it is interpreted wrongly, she said, “For me as a professional, astrology is a pure form of science dealing with proper facts and logic which do play a prominent role in our life. I think astrology has been very wrongly portrayed and used in our society. It is a subject which does not aim to scare people but help them instead. However, in our society some people use it to scare people which astrology never promotes.”

Saanvi who herself has seen the changes after learning astrology said that it helps people in ways more than imagined. “Astrology helps people in a lot of ways. For example, a student is having a hard time choosing his/her career he/she can get the right direction through astrology,” she said.

“After opting for astrology, I have a very positive outlook about life. I think it works in the same way for all of us. Astrology never promotes fear which is one thing that should be understood by all.”

Thursday, 16 May 2019 | PNS | Dehradun

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