Approach MCD with video of anybody throwing garbage in open

Sunday, 04 June 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

If local people see any person throwing garbage in open areas, especially those who use their vehicles to throw garbage at night at other places, they can shoot video of such incidents and submit it to the Municipal Corporation of Dehradun (MCD), said the municipal commissioner Manuj Goyal. The corporation has recently removed garbage bins and containers from over 10 locations in the city stating they were causing traffic congestion.

These bins were mostly overflowing causing a nuisance and were a risk to public health and the environment. The MCD has claimed that they are working towards making roads of the city dustbin free by July this year. However, many have continued to throw garbage at the locations of these bins despite their removal, as per the officials. The MCD has also deployed some sanitation workers in only two locations so far including the Nehru Colony area and Mata Mandir Road to monitor the situation and let the people know it is prohibited to throw garbage in the open, the commissioner said. Many locals of several areas have claimed that many people come in their vehicles to throw garbage in open areas or overflowing garbage bins. Most of such people do not reside in the areas where they dump garbage. The commissioner said that they also often receive such complaints but it is not always possible to nab such people.

However if people can click a clear picture or shoot a video of such people, MCD will take action against them. The chief municipal health officer Dr Avinash Khanna also said that if somebody witnesses such people who arrive in their cars or motorbikes to throw garbage in open areas, they must shoot a video that clearly shows their vehicle numbers so that the corporation can identify them and act accordingly. He said that it is sad how well-educated people are indulging in such practices rather than just giving their garbage to sanitation workers via door-to-door garbage collection. He said, “We have been taking action against bulk waste generators and we will soon act against such people who have been throwing garbage in the open. We also encourage locals to complain about such people who throw garbage in open areas. It would be better if they have proof like a picture or a video showing their face which will make it easy to act against them.” 

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