Apathy & downplaying polls lead people to forgo voting

Friday, 12 APRIL 2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Various factors like less knowledge about the significance of voting, apathy and migration influence individuals to abstain from voting on polling day, opting instead to spend the day leisurely. Many people have stated their intention not to vote this year, viewing the act as inconsequential and opting to use the day for leisurely activities with their families. Considering this, experts have highlighted the critical role that raising awareness about the importance of voting plays in addressing this issue, emphasising that this responsibility should primarily fall on the government.

Polling for Lok Sabha elections will be held in the State on April 19. Despite this, many individuals have already marked the polling day as a day for leisure, rather than a day to cast their vote. College student Vishu Tyagi expressed his lack of interest in political matters and his reluctance to wait in a long queue to vote. Instead, he would prefer to spend the day with friends and view it as a form of enjoyment. He also mentioned that his friends share a similar perspective on not voting due to it being time-consuming.

Another local resident, Nancy Pal admitted to not voting in past elections and plans to continue the trend this year. She believes that regardless of the election outcome, politicians do not work in the best interest of society. As a result, she has decided to skip voting and focus on treating herself to some quality time on the polling day, she said.  

Professor at Doon University HC Purohit told this correspondent that there is a disparity in awareness regarding the significance of voting between literate individuals from affluent backgrounds and those from lower-income groups. Contrary to wealthy individuals who find it time-consuming to wait in line to vote, individuals from impoverished backgrounds exhibit a greater understanding of the importance of casting their votes. “Factors such as migration, time constraints and laziness contribute to the reluctance of some individuals to exercise their voting rights. The government should consider implementing compulsory voting to ensure the participation of all citizens, with consequences for those who fail to do so, such as exclusion from government schemes,” said Purohit.  He further suggested the implementation of awareness campaigns in every organisation and college to emphasise the significance of voting.

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