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Anganwadi workers rally against state Govt

Thursday 14, 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

The Anganwadi workers held a protest rally against the state government in Dehradun against its failure to raise the issue of their allowance in the recent cabinet meeting. The protesting workers said that the government has deceived them once again by not raising their allowance to Rs 18,000 and they will not resume their work across the state till the chief minister talks to them. “The Anganwadi workers of all districts have started boycotting work after being consistently deceived by the government in the past two years. Many of us were even arrested on Tuesday in our attempt to meet the CM but we are not going to back down this time. The Anganwadi workers have started arriving in Dehradun from various parts of the state to raise their voice against the government,” stated Rekha Negi, the president of the Anganwadi Workers Association. She said that she wants to meet the CM to ask why he failed to keep his own words. She stated, “He assured us to keep our demands in the cabinet but he did not do it. We have demanded the government to raise our allowances to Rs 18,000 besides paying us our pending payments. We will keep protesting until the government takes cognisance of the matter.” She added that the workers will intensify their protest statewide and boycott the state assembly elections 2021 if no decision is taken on the matter soon.

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