Ambrish stresses on local pick to represent Haridwar in LS

Congress contestant from Haridwar constituency Ambrish Kumar said that Haridwar should not be muddled with other districts. “The district has problems which are different from the problems other districts of the state are facing,” he said. “This is why a local person should be elected from here to the Lok Sabha who can find out local solutions to the local problems,” he said while addressing a public meeting at Nehru Yuva Kendra on Monday.

Kumar said that the people are demanding a report card of the works done by the  MP Haridwar  Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank. “His output for the development of Haridwar over the past  five years must be made known to the people. Judging things, the people would  vote,”  he said.

He further slammed the BJP government  and said that they had failed to keep its promise of giving employment to 70 percent of the local youths in the SIIDCUL industrial units.

Ambrish further said that he was thankful to the party high command for choosing a local leader for the seat for the first time since independence. “Since there are differences between the local problems and the regional problems it is in the interest of the district that a local person is given a chance to fight election and gets elected as an MP,” he said.

Dwelling on his election agenda, Ambrish said that  the crumbling health facilities  in the district should be brought on the right tracks. “Besides, the plight of the sugarcane farmers is miserable. They are impatient to know when they would be paid their dues. The MP from here turned a deaf ear to their pleas,” he said. He also referred to the demonetisation  and said that the move had crippled business here. “The MP chose to be silent though,” the Congress candidate said.

Ambrish  coined a slogan “Sthaneeya lao,  bhaari hatao,” (Bring local and oust outsider)  to hook the people to his campaign pitch.

Tuesday, 26 March 2019 |PNS| Haridwar

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