Allegations of police mistreating women baseless, says IG

Sunday, 25 February 2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The police have rejected allegations of women in Vanbhulpura being mistreated by the police. Inspector general and police headquarter spokesman Nilesh Anand Bharne informed the media here on Saturday that content on social media about the police misbehaving with women in Vanbhulpura area is totally baseless. He said that no such mistreatment of women occurred in the area at the hands of the police.

He said, “The Uttarakhand police takes pride in being ‘Mitra police’. While the police are discharging their duty our personnel treat all law abiding citizens especially women and children with decorum, affection and respect. There is zero tolerance in Uttarakhand police for any type of misbehaviour with women. If there is any reliable evidence, it can be presented to the Kumaon commissioner who is conducting a magisterial probe into the Haldwani violence or the Nainital senior superintendent of police. We will take swift action as required as per the law on such evidence. The Uttarakhand police is committed to work for protecting the honour and interests of the public,” Bharne stressed.

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