Alert neighbours should report possible abuse in their surroundings

Monday, 04 MARCH 2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Many people in the city have expressed their concern after a 15-year-old girl recently committed suicide in the house where she was employed as a domestic help. The locals state that to avert such tragedies, neighbours must be vigilant and report any instances of misconduct with domestic helps observed in their vicinity.  

Local resident Vijay Saklani said that it is paramount for the city’s populace to comprehend that minors should not be employed in their households to prevent perpetuating the cycle of illegal child labour. Additionally, resorting to physical abuse and domestic violence cannot be tolerated. The police must take strict legal measures against the culprits. He emphasised the importance of neighbours recognising their responsibilities as conscientious citizens to prevent similar occurrences. Individuals must take action and report any suspicious activities to the authorities without hesitation as this could save lives of innocent people, he added.

“Instances of child labour have escalated in the city at an alarming rate. I urge all responsible citizens to recognise their duty and promptly report any suspicious activity in their vicinity to the appropriate authorities. By doing so, innocent lives can be saved,” said another local Renuka Dimri.

Member of the State Commission for Protection of Child Rights Vinod Kaparwan expressed his concern regarding the recent incident, noting an increase in crimes against minor girls and child labour cases. He emphasised that parents also play a role in pushing children into such situations. However, he assured that stringent action will be taken by the commission in such cases that come to light in the future. Further, Kaparwan encouraged neighbours who observe any suspicious activities in their vicinity similar to the recent incident and reach out to the commission. He assured that the identity of those who file complaints will be kept confidential.

It will be recalled that a minor girl hung herself in the home she worked in as a domestic help in the Race Course area of Dehradun on February 29. The post mortem report confirmed that the girl had died from suicidal hanging. The police have arrested the owner of the home and his driver in the case.

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