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Agnipath scheme good for youth & armed forces- BJP

Opposition & those with anti-national ideology trying to confuse & incite youth, says Kaushik

Saturday, 18 June 2022 | PNS | Dehradun

Responding to the opposition objecting to the Agnipath scheme, the Bharatiya Janata Party State president Madan Kaushik assured that this scheme will make the youth more capable and aware while also making the Indian army the best in the world. He alleged that opposition leaders and some so-called intellectuals are finding their own future dark due to the bright future of this scheme which is why such people are confusing the youth to incite them. Kaushik said, “This process will also enable the youth of Uttarakhand to become Agniveers to serve the nation for four years while also gaining decent employment. Out of these, one-fourth will complete further serve in the armed forces while the remaining will be free to further enhance their lives with the skilled experience gained in the army along with one-time amount of about Rs 12 lakh.” Expressing happiness at this development, the BJP State president further said that the Uttarakhand government is going to prepare rules for granting priority to Agniveers in government jobs. He further said that chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami’s announcement to give priority to such youth in Uttarakhand police, disaster management, Char Dham Yatra management and various other services is a welcome step. Apart from the government, various major companies in the private sector and public sector units have also announced that they will employ such youth. Kaushik said, “The nation today is facing the dual challenges of Pakistan and China at the borders. In such a situation from the strategic point of view it is vital to make the armed forces stronger and soldiers more capable on the mental and physical parameters for which such change in the recruitment process was very necessary. This scheme is sure to make the Indian army stronger because it will not only decrease the average age of the soldiers from 32 years to 26 years but also help speed up the modernisation of the armed forces through better financial management. The youth of the nation should accept this scheme considering the requirement of the nation and their own welfare. Opposition parties and those with anti-national ideology are attempting to spread confusion among youth regarding this scheme.” The BJP State president also appealed to the youth to understand the Agnipath scheme in detail and realise the impact on the nation and youth instead of being misled by anyone.

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