Adequate evidence collected, demolition of resort not destroying evidence: DGP

Sunday, 25 September 2022 | PNS | DEHRADUN 

Following allegations being leveled by some media outlets and citizens on social media about the government conspiring to destroy evidence of Ankita Bhandari’s murder by demolishing the resort she was working in, the police have clarified that the necessary evidence has already been collected.

Talking to The Pioneer, director general of police Ashok Kumar said that the police have already collected necessary evidence from the resort. “We have the evidence we need. The demolition of the resort resulting in destruction of evidence is very unlikely,” he said.

The police have clarified that they had already collected all forensic and electronic evidence from the resort before its demolition was started.

Noted advocate Atul Pundir said that the collection of evidence depends on the origin of offence. “From what is known so far, the crime occurred near the canal. Plus, these days electronic evidence is also crucial and useful. Google location too can provide usable information,” he said.

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