Acharya Prashant flays leaders  for ignoring climate-centric issues

Thursday, 23 MAY 2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The founder of the Prashant Advaita Foundation and former civil service officer Acharya Prashant exhorted the voters in an interview at IIT Delhi to be wary of those leaders who are diverting attention of the people to minor issues during the Lok Sabha election campaigning.   Tearing into the political parties in the poll fray, the spiritual teacher said that their leaders shy away from the principal issues like climate change and its hostile effects on life. He stressed that the momentous issues like climate change and environmental degradation should not be hurling on the backburner and the leaders of the contending parties must come forward to address such issues with seriousness and sincerity.

While stressing that a nation cannot progress and an individual life cannot reach fulfilment without the light of spirituality guiding them, Acharya Prashant said that India now being a nation of the youth must learn to prioritise climate-centric and environmental issues over the minor issues which the elderly leaders on the verge of retirement are whipping up to win election. He urged the young voters to seriously scrutinise the manifestos dished out by parties and opt for candidates who are inclined to address the really serious issues facing the country. They should not allow themselves to be entrapped in the vortex of empty promises and hollow rhetoric, he said and added that a true leader leads the nation rather than follow the mass instincts.  

“The Prashant Advaita Foundation is undertaking this vital work, reaching millions, raising awareness and driving changes in the society. However, the task is monumental,” he said.

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