Acceptance- taking the plunge from finance to visual arts

Monday, 19 September 2022 | Sanjukta Sinha

Sanjukta Sinha

Acceptance could be considered one of the toughest emotions which open up the blocks like nothing else. Accepting that one’s life is unique, my purpose is different, in fact specific to my own self is a challenging milestone to achieve. It takes time to become aware and mindful of the ego to let acceptance trickle down into life. Everything that happens in life happens because it has to happen, be more predestined than the function of Karmic choice of action. The matrix of Karma and destiny is still very complex for me to understand with my limited capacity.

Instead of waiting for a signal to appear to show the right path ahead it is more judicious to take the step forward and open the self to many possibilities which might not be open as of now. It’s just like we cannot time the financial market to get the optimum return and can do with what we have in hand. Waiting for signals to appear at the time you desire may be a foolish way of predicting the timing of your prayers. Prayers do get answered but at the will of the divine and when we ourselves are ready for it. 

So it’s better to be prepared by working continuously on oneself and opening up to receive the grace. Working on the self helps to understand whether we are better than before, whether we respond with more awareness than the last time a similar episode happened in our lives. To be this work-in-progress a lot of self-motivation is required to overcome the inertia of being idle and whiling away time. It seems all is inter-related like in a Rubik’s cube. The right steps are important to solving and creating the pattern in the cube. So accepting the present situation seems to me the very first step to solving my life’s Rubik’s cube.

(The author is a former finance professional who is currently a visual artist)

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