About Us

Who are we?

The Pioneer group is one of the oldest national newspapers in the country, a heritage that we are proud to have inherited and added to while keeping in sync with modern readership. The newspaper (which now has eight English editions and four Hindi editions) has been the first national newspaper to introduce colour editions, revolutionise layouts, conceptualise a separate Sunday edition and develop its news website. Over the years, we have diversified into other media platforms and opened a magazine and book division.

Dehradun (Uttarakhand) edition

The Dehradun edition of The Pioneer was launched in 2007. Due to various factors, Uttarakhand is a state which cannot be ignored in the national mainstream. The Himalayas, Ganga and Yamuna rivers originating in Uttarakhand have shaped civilizations and continue to have a major impact on issues which have wide ranging implications across sectors in the global arena. Since its launch, The Pioneer, Dehradun edition has worked towards eliciting focus on important issues of the state at the national level and provided its readers in Uttarakhand and elsewhere, news and features from across the state in addition to the contents of the national edition.
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