A matter of right choice

Actor and fitness enthusiast Shilpa Shetty KUNDRA tells Ayushi Sharma that whether it is love or professional life, the correct option makes all the difference

Love at first sight.’ How many times has one heard the phrase in popular culture as well as in real life? While the concept dates back to time immemorial, today, when technology plays such a big role in every part of our lives, has this idea evolved over time? One has seen the trope play out so many times in films where two people walking down the street bump into each other, their eyes meet, sparks fly, and Cupid strikes. Cut to the present, when image after image, glance after glance and pout after pout flood your choices. And display pictures rob the magic of a chance encounter. So to turn the idea on its head, is falling in love possible when you haven’t even seen the other person? And it is here that a virtual blind dating series Hear Me, Love Me hosted by actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra reflects exactly what’s on every young Indian mind: Relationships. A keen fitness enthusiast and now a love guru-cum-life coach of sorts,  Shilpa says, “The show really gives women an upper hand because they are given the choice of three boys, the twist being that they get to see their world, hear and know them via this show in just 12 hours. Then the girl has to pick one boy without seeing him go on a date with. It’s more insightful than sightful. I think as a show it works because who doesn’t love reality-oriented shows today?” Love grows over time, believes Shilpa.  “People have evolved, mindsets have changed and so have films and content. The only thing that is constant is a change which is a welcome development. Love is not quite an emotion that can be felt automatically.” While Shilpa is ready to be a part of films again after almost a decade now, television remains her preference. She would only take on a film if it is very different from mainstream scripts. “If I have to play a character it would have to be age-appropriate. I don’t want a female-oriented script, I’m very clear about that. I’m not somebody who wants to play a college-going character and as everyone knows films are changing now, content is evolving and I want to do something that would cater to today’s palate. I’m an avid film watcher and I want to sign up for something that I would enjoy reacting to. To choose a script now would be a tough nut because I have already played various characters and the only prerequisite is that it would have to be different from what I have done before.” She added, “I have always steered towards doing things that were trendsetting. Till I don’t get to chew on something that has a different taste, I don’t enjoy it. It gets very mundane for me. I think I lasted in the industry because of this and the fact that I dabbled in different platforms. As for now, my preference is television as the onus of giving a super hit film is not on my shoulders.” She says that there are many choices but one has to choose the path you want to tread on wisely. She says, “If a film doesn’t work where does that leave me? I don’t want people to judge me on the basis of my last film, I want people to judge me on the choices that I have made. There’s no excuse for mediocrity for me. If I’m doing something in the health and wellness sector, I will do it to the best of my ability and it comes out of passion not out of money. I want to be a front-runner there and I’m willing to be judged on whatever I’m doing today so the challenge is to make right choices.” Hear Me, Love Me is slated to stream on Amazon Prime Video from September 28. Photo: Pankaj Kumar Thursday, 20 September 2018 | Ayushi Sharma–

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