7,278 publicity materials removed in Doon

Wednesday, 12 January 2022 | PNS | Dehradun

The authorities have removed a total of 7,278 publicity material from 2,444 private properties from all constituencies in the Dehradun district put up by political parties within 72 hours after the model code of conduct (MCC) came to effect in the state on Saturday.According to the data provided by the nodal officer of MCC in the district and the municipal commissioner of Dehradun, Abhishek Ruhela, 2,315 publicity materials of political parties including posters, hoardings, pamphlets, wall paintings and cut-outs among others have been removed from 300 buildings in the Dehradun Cannt area.

A total of 938 publicity materials were removed from Dharampur, 866 from Sahaspur and 787 from Vikasnagar in the past three days from 833 buildings. The authorities removed 567 publicity material from private properties in Chakrata, 633 in Raipur, 479 in Doiwala and 352 in Rishikesh. Besides this, 197 publicity materials were removed in Mussoorie and 61 in Rajpur Road constituency from 131 properties. Overall, 7,278 publicity materials have been removed from 2,444 public properties in the district. The nodal officer said that the data has been sent to the district magistrate R Rajesh Kumar too.

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