52 rescued snakes released in the jungle

Monday, 01 August 2022 | PNS | HALDWANI

Snake expert Chandrasen Kashyap released 52 snakes in the presence of Forest department personnel. These snakes had been rescued from various inhabited localities in the area.Kashyap’s work in rescuing snakes from human inhabitations provided relief to the people on the one hand and also ensured the survival of the snakes on the other hand. According to Kashyap, increased sightings of snakes in populated areas are being reported in recent days in the Ramnagar area adjoining Corbett national park.

Responding to phone calls received from citizens, Save The Snake and Wildlife Welfare Society rescued about 52 snakes from different parts of the city. He further said that cases of snake bites are also on the rise these days. The snakes rescued by Kashyap and other volunteers were released in the dense jungles of the Kosi range. These snakes included 19 rat snakes, 13 cobras, one copper headed trinket snake, two common trinket snakes, four checkered keelbacks, three pythons, six wolf snakes, one buff headed keelback and also one golden monitor lizard. Ramnagar divisional forest officer Kundan Kumar said that the incidents of snakes coming out from the usual habitats have increased noticeably during the rainy days. He requested the general public that in case a snake enters any home, the Forest department should be informed immediately about the same so that the snake can be rescued and then released safely in the jungle.

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