Friday, 16 March 2018 | PNS | Haridwar- A 40-year-old tusker was rescued by the Forest Department team in the wee hours of Thursday. The forest officials said the male elephant which got stuck in the mainstream Chilla barrage was struggling to come out of the river when they reached the spot. It was rescued through an operation that lasted for over two hours, they said, adding that the pachyderm later went back to the wilds. The forest officials added the elephant was being found roaming around Chaurasi Kutia in Gohari range for the past few days. “The forest department team comprising Rajendra Nautiyal, Anil Kumar, Ajay Sharma, Mahendra Singh and some others, launched the rescue operation. It was a difficult operation as the safety of the elephant was to be ensured. Finally it came out safely with our assistance and then went back to its habitat in the forest,” said a senior forest officer. The warden Chilla forest range of Rajaji tiger reserve, Ajay Sharma said, “In the wee hours of Thursday, we received the information of the elephant being stuck in a difficult situation. Our staff members while patrolling spotted the elephant in grave trouble. The elephant was found struggling hard to come out, but in vain as the current was strong,” he added. He added as they had succeeded in bringing the elephant near the main gate through noise and light. “The gate number one was opened so that it got into the main river stream. It was a major challenge.  The barrage gate was closed. As the water level came down   the elephant moved out safely and disappeared in the forest,” he added.

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