200 teams participate in UPES Hackathon

Wednesday, 10 August 2022 | PNS | Dehradun

About 200 teams from India and SAARC nations participated in the third UPES Hackathon held recently. The two-day long event saw 28 out of 200 teams making it to the finale which included 25 national teams from nine state, two teams from SAARC nations and one team from Russia in online mode.

The top eight teams that made it to the presentation round were T-error 404, Team Déjà vu, Team Twins, Team Swagriculture, Team Vyasa, Team Grey Project, Team Summiteer and Team Aniire of whom the second runner ups were T-error 404, comprising of members from UPES and VIT while the first runner ups were team Vyasa from Chandigarh University and the winning prize was bagged by two teams Swagriculture and Grey Project, both from UPES.

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