108 ambulance service: Contract of GVK EMRI to be extended till March 31

Having failed to start the process of transfer of 108 emergency ambulance service to a new operator, the state health department is planning to extend the contract of GVK EMRI company till the end of this month. The state government had recently handed over the task of operating the 108 ambulance service to Community Action and Motivation Programme (CAMP) after it quoted cheapest rate in the tender process. It is worth mentioning here that the ten- year contract of GVK- EMRI Company to operate the fleet of ambulances had ended in March last year. Since then the state government has given two extensions of six months each to the company to operate the fleet of ambulances. The extended term of the GVK- EMRI Company is ending on midnight of March 7, but the state health department is yet to start the process of transfer of the ambulance service from GVK- EMRI to the CAMPS. The transfer process included handing over of the assets of the service and other necessary obligations. Contacted, the state head of the GVK-EMRI Manish Tinku said that the GVK EMRI is ready for smooth handing over of the charge to the new company. He, however, added that the process of transfer would take 10 to 15 days. The mission director (MD) National Health Mission, Yugal Kishore Pant said that the contract of the operating the 108 ambulance service would soon be handed over to the new company. On the question of delay in starting the process of handing over of the service, he said that the contract of the old company ( GVK- EMRI) could be extended for a few days to ensure smooth transfer. The 108 service Started in 2008, the 108 ambulance service has been acting as a vital cog in providing emergency care in all  the parts of the state. The service also caters to the important task of transporting pregnant women for safe deliveries in the hospital under Khushiyon Ki Savari.  The 108 ambulance service has a fleet 139 ambulances and it has a boat ambulance too which operates in Tehri lake.

Govt should come clear on 108 service: Congress

Expressing concern on the end of the contract of the 108 ambulance service on March 8, the state Congress said  that the state government  must make things clear on  how the vital service would continue  in the state after this date. The state Congress spokesperson Garima Dassauni said that the  fate of 750 employees of the ambulance is hanging in balance as notices of removal have been served to them.    She said that 108 Ambulance service is a classic example of how a good service is derailed by the  government’s apathy. Dassauni said that the state government officials are saying that the contract of the old company would be extended for the few days. “But it is unlikely that in the absence of the budget, GVK EMRI would show interest to operate the service,” she said. Wednesday, 06 March 2019 | PNS | Dehradun

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