10 new cases surface; 17 deaths, 73 positive cases so far

Swine flu continues to loom large in Dehradun as one more death due to H1 N1 has been reported by the state health department on Monday. The 66- year- old patient, a resident of Kalsi in Dehradun, has  succumbed to the disease on Monday. She had been admitted at the Mahant Indiresh Hospital with complaint of high fever and breathlessness and had later been reported positive for the disease. With her death, the number of patients who have so far died of the disease this season has risen to 17. The health department has also reported 10 more cases of the disease on the day when the swab samples have been found positive. The chief medical officer (CMO) Dehradun S K Gupta said that 73 patients have so far been found positive to Swine flu this season. CMO further said that all the medical professionals have been asked to keep track of the suspected cases of the disease and inform each of the cases to the district health department.

Swine Flu

Swine flu is a viral disease, its virus is also called H1 N1 and its genetic analysis has shown that it has originated from the animals especially pigs hence it is called Swine flu. The virus spreads from person to person similar to that of seasonal influenza. Swine flu patients are divided into three categories. In ‘A’ category, the patient suffers from mild fever and irritation in throat. Such patients need to be isolated at home and there is no need of Swine flu test and medication. The patients of ‘B’ category are characterised by high fever and the patient needs isolation and be administered Oseltamivir (Tami flu) medicine. If a patient is suffering from breathlessness, low Blood Pressure along with symptoms of A and B category he is put under category ‘C’. Such patients should be isolated, hospitalised, administered Tami flu and they need to be tested for Swine flu. Tuesday, 05 February 2019 | PNS | Dehradun

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